The Kent ship


The wreck of Kent, was a cargo ship, owned by
Greek Cypriot-flagged.
The length is less than 80m and the tonnage is 783 tons.
At the time of the sinking, 8 July 1978
the trap was anchored in front of San Vito lo Capo
at a depth of about 50m.
The sinking was because of a violent fire
that could not be tamed.
Fortunately the crew was rescued in time.
The ship brought down with him a load of about 30 tons of
various kinds: polythene bags, coils, 27 tons of
fuel, 1300 kg of lubricating oil and two container
wood with several hundred Korans inside.
These containers because of the different specific weights,
during the sinking, lies
few tens of meters near the bottom dropped anchor.
Containers and paper materials
remains some structure and some pages.


The dive.

Given the distance from the coast, the wreck is reachable only by boats.
The local dive guides have placed three peaks with as many floats: a stern, a ship and the center
another at the bow. In this way you get a chance to make the ascent or descent where
preferisce.La is the minimum depth is 40 meters on the funnel and
the maximum is 52 meters at the mud where the wreck is resting in perfect sailing trim.

The infrastructure has been colonized by any form of benthic life and huge shoals of Anthias Anthias surrounding all structures.

The forward area was colonized by large fans and a white Paramuricee clavata Eunicella warty branch.


Climb down the bows up to its summit, where the now customary meeting with another resident of Kent is insured: scorpion (Scorpaena scrofa). The numerous examples of this scorpion is so usual as to nickname the wreck, as well as “Ship of Korans,” “Ship of the scorpion.” They are usually perched on the edges of the sides and patiently await the unfortunate prey, also represented by the beautiful Anthias Anthias.


Climbed over the bow closer to the first and holds you can see the propeller and the anchor of respect attached to the walls of the premises at the bow.


Following the deck cranes and meet yards


to come up at the funnel where, at its base, ripped off a door to reveal the presence of the batteries on their shelves yet.

At this point take the way to the surface.